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About SaleTurf

Platform Design

SaleTurf is designed to work for small to enterprise size companies.

Easy to use

We give you detailed user-friendly documentation and video tutorials at your disposal. It will help you to implement your ideas easily.

Marketplaces and Apps

We want to help grow your buisness, which is why we integrate with the top marketplaces like Walmart, and eBay to help increase your sales. SaleTurf also integrates with applications like QuickBooks, TaxJar, and Shipstation.

Report builder lets you save and load reports and filters

SaleTurf website design banner

Not enough?

Post and manage product data

Don't just manage inventory like with other platforms. Manage all the data on marketplaces like Walmart, eBay, Reverb,Google Shopping, Instagram, Facebook, Glami, Shopalike, Shopmania, and more.


Need to take order over the counter or on the road? SaleTurf POS has you covered with mobile POS.

Google Promotions

Don't just list of Google Shopping, run promotions on Google Shopping too with Google Promotions.


Running low on inventory? Not a problem, SaleTurf has a built in purchase order system to help you create and manage purchase orders with your resupply chains.

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Data Import

The hardest part of swithing platforms is moving your data. But not with SaleTurf. Our data mapping tool lets you import and map out the data fields via CSV, XML, or FTP. If that's not enough, we will transfer the data for you.


Want to manage your customers? Maybe give them points to earn on purchase? SaleTurf does that too.


Want to sell tickets to an event? Did we mention we also handle bookings?

Bundle Products

Create bundles of multiple products and sell them on all the marketplaces. When they sell, the inventory is adjusted at the individual product level.